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Question   Web site
Wow Don, I am very impressed. Just thought I would check out your Website after viewing one of your images in the contest on Better Photo.

- Stephen D. Lewis October 16, 2017

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Question   Great work!
Certainly not amateurish work Don!

- Mike Whitt March 05, 2012

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Question   Photos
My children (Alex and Josh) are in your daughter's class at Crofton Elementary and she has a link to your site from the class website. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking and your passion for photography is certainly evident in every photo. Loved reading the bio as well. I can certainly understand why your daughter is such a wonderful person/teacher, coming from a wonderful family background. :)

- Kim Giesbrecht February 27, 2011

  Answer I feel satisfied after redaing that one.

- Hester Hester  July 22, 2011

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Question   Very Nice Work
Don, I can feel your love of photography by your work. All the images have a different flare and touch.
Very nice!

- Reginald Pearman June 10, 2009

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Question   Flamingos!!!
I saw your photographs of flamingos several years ago at the Washington Co. Museum Show in Hagerstown, MD. I am a flamingo fanatic/collector and your images are so beautiful!!! Actually, all of your images are. The wildlife photos are just spectacular.
Do you ever print any of your images large format on canvas??
Thank you for your eye!

- Heather McAreavy March 25, 2009

  Answer Heather,

Thank you for your very kind words about my animal photos, and especially about my flamingo photos. You are very kind.

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond -- I have been traveling for business a lot recently and my workload at the office has been crazy. My personal hobbies (mainly photography) have also taken a lot of my time.

I have not printed any of my images in large format on canvas. I wouldn't know where to start, but I suspect it might produce some nice work.

Again, thanks for your kind words and for checking out my web site.

Don J.

-  April 15, 2009

  Answer It's evidently taken me even longer to see you did respond :-O Here's an FYI regarding the photos on canvas. A local camera/photo store in Chambersburg PA offers the printing on canvas. I paint so I've thought about it as a way to sell more reasonably priced copies of paintings for someone who might like a painting but cannot afford an original. LACamera is the store. ‎ - if you're ever interested.

- Heather McAreavy  May 08, 2011

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Question   The Frederick Camera Club?
Hi, I currently live in Fred. Md. I have been interested in joining the camera club. I was wondering if you think it helped you in developing your current style?

I love all of your pic

- Wendy Dean August 07, 2008

  Answer Wendy,

Without question, the Frederick Club, called the Frederick Camera Clique, was a great help to me. In fact, I tell people all the time to join a photo club. It is the fastest and best way to learn photography. Taking a lot of photos, reading books about photography, and taking photography classes all help, but joing a club is the best, and fastest, way to produce outstanding images.

And the people in photography clubs are wonderful people, interested in the same things you are interested in.

I belong to three clubs -- probably overkill -- but I know it has helped me become a better photographer.

I would urge you to join a club as soon as you can.

Don J.

-  August 10, 2008

  Answer No quesiton this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.

- Kapri Kapri  July 22, 2011

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Question   Your web site
Don--I used to work with you. I love your pictures. I remember when you entered them in the Frederick Fair. I have 2 cat pictures you took a long time ago. Miss seeing you. Take care and keep up the good work. It shows in your pictures just how much you love doing what you do.

-  July 24, 2007

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Question   Photographs
I love your flowers. Beautiful work. I really love the rose that was red in the middle and grey on the edges. Do you use PaintShop or PhotoShop?

- Margo Bathrick August 01, 2006

  Answer Margo, I used photoshop. If I remember correctly, I selected the area I wanted to modify with the elipitical tool. Then feathered it, around 120, if I remember corretly. Then inversed the selection and removed the color. Rather easy to do. And, like you, I kinda liked the results.

-  August 01, 2006

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Question   Your web site
Hi Don,

I LOVE your site and your pictures! You still take EXCELLENT photos.

-  November 03, 2005

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Question   Hello!
Hi, Don,

I think it is great that you went ahead and set up this site...It looks really good...

You have inspired me to think more about maybe doing it myself.

Judy M.

- Judith MacArthur September 19, 2005

  Answer Judy,

Thanks for visiting. It was fun, and rather easy to set up this site through Now I can send people to this site to see some of my better images -- without much of the hassle of maintaing and running a site. I better stop because I am beginning to sound like a commercial.

Don J.

-  September 19, 2005

  Answer Judy's right on. I occasionally pan through the internet, looking at other folks' work. I finally made the effort to check yours out. It is an electronic treasure chest. I do not pretend to be any kind of expert on this subject but it certainly is the best I've seen. I will make it a point to check this site out from time to time.

-  September 26, 2005

  Answer Everyone would bneefit from reading this post

- Jacoby Jacoby  January 01, 2013

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